Sley the Dent

designed and handwoven by Dawn K Forde

Rag Bags

Inspiration for these “Bag of Bags” came about, when my love for rag rug weaving crashed with the plethora of plastic shopping bags overtaking my house. I needed to upcycle these eco-unfriendly plastic bags into functional and reusable tote bags. The tote bags are handwoven on a cotton warp with recycled plastic bags, also know as plastic yarn or plarn. About thirty plastic bags are used for the weft in each tote bag. Each tote bag is unique, no two are the same.

The cotton handle is woven on an inkle loom, and is designed so that it complements the bag for which it is made.

This could be the last plastic shopping bag you’ll ever need!
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Other Rag Bags are woven from recycled fabrics, aka: rags. I used clean reclaimed or fugly fabrics. They are woven like ragrugs, just scaled smaller.
Fabric Rag Bags may be machine washed and line dried.

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