Sley the Dent

designed and handwoven by Dawn K Forde

Dawn is a weaver who likes to bring out the whimsy in her handwovens; in either the colors, patterns, or the purpose of the textile.

Each piece she creates is unique in color and design. She is not afraid to ask “what if” of her fibers and looms.

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plarn purse

My ragbag tote bags are pretty basic. They are made by weaving a cotton warp with a weft made from either upcycled cotton rags strips or plastic. Using plastic as a yarn is also known as plarn.


For my most recent plarn ragbag, I decided to take it up a notch, guild the lily, and go whole hog. This bag has a lining made from a beautiful batik fabric, there are two interior pockets, a magnetic closure, and the handles are longer for over-the-shoulder wear. I really like how the colors blended: the greens, peach, and yellow colors of the plastic bags. The handles are woven on the inkle loom and are all cotton.





Yes, here she is, a handwoven spider.  She has eight long legs, woven as tubes to encase the armature wires. She has eight glass beady eyes.  She was woven with eight colors of yarn (with a supplemental gold metallic thread.)  She was woven in celebration of the Eightieth anniversary of the New Hampshire Weavers’ Guild.

In the historic stories from many cultures, Spiderwoman helps to create the earth and life upon it.  She also teaches people how to weave.  And, there is the story of the boastful weaver, Arachne, who is turned into a spider by the jealous goddess Athena.


I will be joining Giftopolis during the Midnight Merriment in Concord NH on Friday December 2nd.

At Giftopolis there will be 20 or so artists celebrating the beginning of the downtown holiday shopping season.

All of downtown Concord will be abuzz with festivities that night.

Giftopolis is held in the atrium at 7 Eagle Square from 6:30 till 11 pm.